Age: 18

Date of Birth:

Death of Death: September 11, 1983

Speices: Vampire

Hair Color: Black with slight dark blue highlights

Eye Color: Black


  • High Scool Student

Love Interest: Eizen Nicholas

She was a normal girl and her best friend was the girl who was saved by the vampire. Her mom moved away when she was a baby and she was raised by her dad. She has no siblings. Then on her 18th birthday a vampire turned her and then brought her back to her house. When she woke up she had a strange craving for blood and then when she started drinking the blood, she felt so much more powerful. When seeing people in danger, she can't help but want to save them.

During this time, she is able to control her lust for blood and she only takes a pint a day. She falls in love with a boy. Ayuathya thinks that her life is normal, but deep inside she knows that she'll never be normal again.