Age: late teens(possibly 19)

Date of Birth: June 11, 1950

Date of Death: September 9, 1969

Species: She was an inactive witch-demon hybrid, but when turned into a vampire they all activated and she became all three.

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Blue


  • Mother(deceased)
  • Father
  • Older brother
  • Older sister
Shining Claire
She was born dead, but her mother, a witch, gave her life force to her baby to save her. She grew up without knowing she was a witch. She never met her father too. One day after being brutally attacked, raped and then left to death, a vampire (one of the protagonist vampires who intended good), found and saved her. But then the secret about her father is revealed. Once consuming vampire blood, she becomes addicted; so she either has to turn or consume vampire blood for the rest of her life. She chooses to turn. But then because her father (who turns out to be an incubus) she becomes a demon vampire. The vampire part of her activates her demon side and her demon side activates her witch powers. As a result, she becomes a vampire-witch-demon hybrid. All three at once. She then goes after the ones that attacked her. She kills them all one by one, but doesn't stop afterwards. She has lost control and became someone who has to be stopped. She is the main antagonist.

Season 1Edit

Claire's Night


Claire for Prom

Actress: Anna Kendrick