Age: 17/148
Eizen Nicholas

Date of Birth: March 3,1865

Date of Death: April 7,1882

Species: Vampire

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Amber


  • High School Student

Eizen worked as a slave in the fields as a cotton picker. Everyday he would rise at dawn and wouldn't come back to his resting place until evening. It would continue live this for the next eight years, until his unfortunate passing. A couple of nights before his death, his master gave him a drink laced with another vampire's blood, in hopes of creating a super farmer. He then shot Eizen with his shotgun. The plan backfired on the farmer, when he failed to realize you needed to drink blood to complete transitioin and was caught in the crossfire. When Eizen realized he was stronger and faster than ever, he ran away. Where he remained a fugitive for the next couple of years. He is now a hard-working student at highschool even though he's graduated numerous times and even college. He works partime at any job he can get his hands on.

Actor/Actress: Corbin Blu