Eries Johnson
  • Age: 17

Date of Birth:July 30, 1996

Species: Human

Hair Color: Black Brown With Some Yellow Highlights

Eye Color:Blue



  • High School Student
  • Photographer

Actress:Liz Gillies

Her dad died because he was a soldier and got shot in a fight when she was just 5. Two years later, her mom went missing and hasn't been found since. So she went to live with her grandparents. She might have had a sad past but she's sweeter than a cupcake.She loves taking photography but sometimes she fails at school cause she keeps thinking about her parents. When she moves to Silent Valley, she becomes one of the most popular girls at school along with her cousin, Natalie and her friends. She sometimes gets jealous with some other people who have parents. Her favorite subjects are History and Algebra. Eries along with her cousin, Natalie find a connection with Claire.