Lita Curtiss

Date of Birth: January 4, 1995

Species: Human

Hair Color: Black(long and curly)

Eye Color: Blue



  • High School Student
  • Journalist

Love Interest: Charles Knight

Actress: Kristen Stewart

Lita is one of Natalie's best friends whom she has known since childhood. When learning of how vampires exist, she is determined to protect Natalie from the dangers of them. She also has a crush on Charles.

Lita is strong, determined, extremely loyal and protective of her friends. Knowing Natalie her whole life, she is very protective of her, just like Brody and Charles. She is also agaisnt the idea of Natalie wanting to become a vampire. Lita is a very serious person and always trying to look out for others. Along with Natalie and her friends, she is one of the most popular girls in school.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Just lke Natalie, she is described as one of the beautiful woman ever seen.

Season 1Edit

In Roses Entwined, she is at a party with Natalie and tries to persuade her to get back together with Tyler which she refuses. When seeing Brody back in town, she is happy to see him and flirts with him a little.

In Discovery

In Past Memories, she talks with Brody about Natalie and Troy. They share a memory from the past of how they use
Good friends

3 years ago, Brody and Lita talking about her break up.

to hang out, just the three of them. Lita came over to talk to Natalie about but ended talking to Brody instead.